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    Okay, I did some searching on this and found some good comments, but nothing really conclusive.

    How will a computer handle sitting in a closed car all afternoon in a Houston TX parking lot? Or any Hell Like Place for that matter?

    I am only two weeks into having my system in the car and it has only been around 90 F outside air temp, not sure about in the car. But as it has a habit of doing it will soon be 100 F for months on end here.

    Any how, a little system info. All component are in a custom made wood case in the rear hatch area of my C4 vette, it is in direct sunlight, except that I draw the black trap like cargo shade screen, so that stops the direct sunlight.

    But in the case I have a Digital Doc 5 system wired in so I can run it with out the computer one. It controls three fans in the computer case and one in the dash near the LCD. All have temp sensors hooked up.

    On the bottom of the case is two large fans, one blowing in one blowing out. I plan to soon drill holes in the floor so I can pull in air from the outside. Not crazy about drilling into the car floor but it just doesn't seem like having the system sit there at 150 F (or what ever it gets in there) is a good idea.

    Would you guys mind going through this topic some. Ideas... What you have done.... Problems you have had with heat..... Problems you HAVEN'T had with heat....


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    I'm in Austin, so I think I can give you a good idea. On my first system, I put a Radio Shack themometer in my car that recorded the hottest and coldest it has ever been. The record for my car was ~154F in the cab and ~125 in the trunk. Everything, including the LCD, survived until the day I wrecked the car. Of course, I was running a P133 and not an Athlon 1Ghz, so that might make a difference. Older equipment will handle the heat better.

    In all honesty, just drop a fan or too in your case and you shouldn't have any problems.
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      Run to your nearest furnace repair shop and pick up a few temp activated switches. They run at 12v and are awesome. Just run them inline with a wire and place them above whatever you want cooled. When it reaches a certain temp (110 F for me), it'll activate the fans.
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