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starting project soon, questions..

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  • starting project soon, questions..

    okay so im starting my car computer project soon, and i had some questions.

    first, i would like to get a sbc based machine (wafer 7850) and will hook up a garmin 35, sb extigy, matrix orbital 20x4 char. vfd, ~800mhz processor, 128mb ram, 60gig 3.5" hdd, 12.5mm dvd, and use dennisk's 8.4" touch screen lcd for input.

    my questions:
    first, will i have to solder anything here? id like to stay away from that.
    second, power: if i need to supply 5v, can i do it from the arise psu? and can i give the arise psu 12v unregulated (straight from the car batt or cigarette lighter)?
    third, dennisk display accessories: what will i need to get the dennisk screen to work? i plan on getting the kit from him, he quoted me $280, and this is fine with me. if i understand everything ive read right, i will need to buy a touch screen controller. Will any of the microtouch controllers work? Also, I will need to buy a cable to connect the touch screen controller to the pc right? will i need a special cable for this? Is there anything else that I would need to hookup the dennisk display and get it working? (oh yeah, i know ill need a vga cable too)
    lastly, what would be recommended as far as building a case? I know i should be concerned with grounding and stability and other issues. Anyone have any suggestions? advice?
    well, those are all the questions i have right now, ive been doing my homework on this for sometime. . and im ready to go buy stuff and build. if anyone has any other thoughts or advice thatd be great too.

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    Re: starting project soon, questions..

    I could be a p!ick and tell you to search, but I will help you out with the first two....

    * Odds of 'zero' soldering are close to if not impossible!!!! Screw and crimp connectors have their place, but I find in the car environment things shake and then get loose then short out.... ugh! you get the idea. My suggestion would be to practise your soldering skills before u embark on such an exercise. Relisitically you can't even install a head unit/speakers/amp properely without some soldering (and if 'installers' do, I would consider that a **** job!)

    * The arise can use unregulated.... thats the whole idea of it!!

    * third question, can someone help this guy out?!
    Project - GAME OVER :(