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cd changer control to control the pc

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  • cd changer control to control the pc

    is there a whayto have my cd changer control capable radio control my pc playing winamp and also get names of the curent track ?
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    i am currently researching the same idea. i would apreciate any info that you came accross.
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      Same here. It could help everyone


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        It depends on the manner that data is sent to the controller. It wouldn't be very hard to write a Winamp plugin to do this. I just need some data. However, your controll screen must support text, not just numbers. And it really would be easier to buy an LCD screen that they make for this exact purpose.
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          I'm looking into this too, and let me tell you: you're getting into a big can of worms. You have 2 options to control WinAmp from your head unit. The first option is just hope somebody sells a kit to hook them together for you, and hope that you find them, and then hope that you can get the WinAmp plugin to work right. The other option (the way that I'm going to do it) is to get a hold of the pinout/port protocol for your head unit (btw: anyone have this for an '04 Civic? ) and interface it by yourself. If you choose option 2 be careful that you know what you're doing of you can fry your HU or your mobo in half a second.
          I don't think that the changer returns any information to the head unit about anything but track / disc number. I'll probably hook up a 20x2 character LCD to scroll the information if this actually is the case.
          Like I said though, once I find anything out or if I manage to write that WinAmp plugin, I'll create a thread and show the world what's up. This is just about all that I know for now, but if you want to talk about the project more, shoot me an email @ [email protected]
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              I currently use a Matrix Orbital 20x2 LCD to control my computer, w/ LCDC and and winamp pluggin.

              This set up works very well right now, I have no HU so this how i primarily control my computer

              I am currently working on a pluggin for LCDC to use a graphic display, as well as a more robust winamp pluggin for it. Its been going slower then i would like for the lack of time to work on it.
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