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EPIA M10K won't shut down

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  • EPIA M10K won't shut down


    For the past few weeks i keep trying to shut down my carPC properly. Beeing unable to gives me creeps.

    So, here is my problem. I've got a M2-ATX PSU and a VIA Epia M10000 runnig from it. When i turn off my car the pc should power itself down properly. But it doesn't. The pc goes off when the M2-atx is set to hard off (45sec). I'm certain that it is not the PSU issue, because i tried it with a ordinary PC PSU and i couldn't turn it off unless i unpluged the power cable.

    I don't know am i missing something? Maybe there is any importance in the polarity on the power pins on the mobo?

    Have any other ideas what could go wrong? Please help!

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    i presume you've wired the m2 to the power button header on the epia?

    can you switch it on/off using the normal power switch (if you have one)


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      and i presume your running XP, go into power options in the control panel, on the advanced tab what option is selected where it says "when i press the power button on my computer


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        Thanks for the fast reply. No i don't have a power button at all, and yes i wired the m2 with the power header on the epia.

        In windows i have the setting When i press power button Shut down. So i presume there is no problem here.

        I can't understand where could the problem sit. Because if there would be any problem with the m2 to power header on mobo it wouldn't even startup, would it? Startup is normal, have no problem at all.


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          Try reversing the wire that goes to the power button headers on the motherboard. some motherboards require a specific polarity.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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            Rofl, LoL. Dumbass me. I've missed the pin set. For one pin. I went checking into the mobo manual. I wired the two cables to power btn + and to to hdd led - so it started up ok but didn't get the power off signal.

            Thanks for help anyways.