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  • Slow Start USB

    I have a Via M10000 and recently it has been taking a long time (1-2 min) for the computer to recognize devices on the 2 on-board USB ports. I usually hook up an external drive and have it execute a batch file but because of the slow recognition time the batch file isn't always executed. I plugged in a USB keyboard and it takes anywhere from 1-2 min for the keyboard to be usable. Any Ideas? It started a few weeks ago after a cold night (~16f).

    BTW - I'm running tinyxp rev 4.

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    No ideas?


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      Originally posted by blkwrx View Post
      No ideas?

      Could be lots of things. Your OS could be borked, your HD could be failing because it was used in exterme cold, your PS is dying, Your MB capacitors are now leaking, something on the USBus is broken and slowing things down.

      Could be one or a combination of hundreds of things.

      If you have the time and inclination, I would try swapping parts out, and see what happens.

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        OS seems fine. HD for OS is on CF drive and boots fine. PS also functions normally. I'm guessing its the MB, the USB ports are on the motherboard. Any way to test the MB without replacing it?