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Lilliput car PC Blaxtream TC-1000

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  • Lilliput car PC Blaxtream TC-1000


    I have a Lilliput Blaxtream TC-1000, it came without a wiring diagram and I cannot find any information on the web.

    The wiring connector supplied has 2 red wires, 2 black wires and 1 brown wire. I know from the handbook that red goes to negative, black to positive and brown to accessories. My problem is to know why 2 red and 2 black wires ? My car is negative earth so that leaves the 2 black to tap into the cars power supply. Is it a simple matter of connecting both black to battery, red to earth and brown to accessories ?


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    Have found the information, thanks to Gamer64.



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      Do the red really go to earth?! That's some crazy wiring.
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        oops, my bad.


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          Hello, i'm a absolute newbie. I've bougth a lilliput car pc from ebay. Unfurtunatly the seller haven't send me a user's manual or a discreption whow to install the car-pc .
          Does anybody here have such user's manual or install discreption? Are any drivers necessary for the work of the car-pc? I've installed Win XP Prof. SP II on the pc. After that i've installed cPOS as a frontend Car-pc software, but i can't start the program. There is a massage poping up: "cPOS.exe has a problem and XP will shut down cPOS".

          On my home pc i've the same Win XP prof. SP II and the same cPOS software installed, and there all thing are o.k. I can start cPOS without any problems.

          What's going wrong with the lilliput car-pc? Has anybody a idea?

          Regards, thank you and sorry for my bad english.