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usb sound card recommendations / xp themes

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  • usb sound card recommendations / xp themes

    two separate questions here

    i get alot of feedback from my dell optiplex when i plug it in the line out of my internal soundcard directly to my alpine amp, if i do an additional ground from the pc chassis directly to the amp it gets alot better but theres still a lot of buzzing.
    ive grounded the amp to the chassis and now the laptop the amps ground..

    from reading previous threads people seem to suggest that the onboard soundcards are normally the issue here and suggest a new pci soundcard or usb..

    i need a low profile pci card or a usb, i dont mind which, but id like someone to recommend one that has cured there sound buzzing problems! before i blindly buy a cheap one for it to be just as bad.

    thanks all

    The second question is has anyone made any decent xp themes or no a free tool that can create new buttons etc? something like desktop x ?