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Laptop Carputer - Slot Load DVD Options

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  • Laptop Carputer - Slot Load DVD Options

    Hey everyone,

    new to the Carputer scene, I've been putting together a laptop from spare parts I've been gathering around town and I'm almost done. The final step in my project is to add a Slot Load DVD player.

    The laptop I am using has a JAE50 connector for the drive. I have not purchased a Slot Load DVD player yet, because I am not sure whether I should get a Slot Load for laptops, or one with an IDE connector and then get the adaptor.

    I would prefer to use a Slot Load for laptops (JAE50) connector, but I have not found any cables that I could use to extend this drive about 7' to my dash.

    Has anyone else run into this situation? Any suggestions?
    1996 Toyota Corolla - HP ZV5000

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    Most of the slimline drives you purchase aftermarket have a JAE50 connector. You'll likely want to go slimline for the space savings and the lower power draw.
    There is an adapter to make it standard IDE, but that's not going to allow a 7-foot run.
    Your best bet is to go USB or firewire with an enclosure, although you can get a JAE50-to-IDE and then an IDE-to-USB (or firewire). IMHO, the enclosure is simpler.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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