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Pentium 4-M or Pentium Mobile 4 in a Desktop Board?

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  • Pentium 4-M or Pentium Mobile 4 in a Desktop Board?

    Ok I have researched to no end to figure out if I can piece together a carputer with older parts. I have an extra micro ATX MOBO laying around (Intel D865GVHZ) but what I need is a low power processor. I need a low power one because I want to try to use a M2-ATX or even a an M1-ATX. I want to use an older Pentium 4 Mobile processor but cannot determine if it will work or not. Has anyone tried putting a Mobile Pentium 4 socket 478 processor in a micro atx desktop board?

    From what I have learned, the Pentium 4 had two different socket 478 mobile processors. This is not to be confused with the socket 479 mobile processors.

    1) Mobile Pentium 4-M (Lower power version of Mobile Pentium 4)
    2) Mobile Pentium 4

    Here is some info:

    I hope I don't have these mixed up but I think this is right:
    I believe the Pentium 4-M. (Slower speeds)
    The Mobile Pentium 4. (Faster speeds)

    I cannot use a Dothan Core see here (but I also think this was a socket 479?)

    Dothan vs Pentium 4 Desktop Pin Config 478 Not compatible/but electrically compatible.

    Intel has this statement about using a mobile Pentium in the desktop board.:

    But also I found this statement which does not list certain Mobile processors that cannot be used and I don't see the processor I want o use on that list so I think it might work:
    List of processors that fit but cannot be used

    Here is a list of supported Processors for my particular board, Note it does not mention socket 478 Mobile processors:

    Here is a statement of cpu-world saying it will work... I think:

    So here is an example of a processor I would like to try (SL5YU or a SL6FG):

    Am I crazy or will this work with my D865GVHZ micro atx mobo? I hate intel for making this confusing.
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    Ok after talking with a few people I think it will work.

    The voltage is usually lower on the mobile processors so it will probably overclock it a bit.

    Also, I have to worry about mounting height so I might have to modify the mounting of the heatsink/cooler.

    I think I am going to give it a try.
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      If anyone is interested. The Mobile P4-M in the desktop board works great. Running stable as far as I can tell. My next test is to see in if the heatsink/fan I am using from a power hungry P4 desktop procesor will cool it without the fan running-passive cooling. I would assume it does but I need to make sure. So now I have a cheap solution to a carputer. Sweet!
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        i am interested...
        let me know about the result.
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          Well this was not scientific test but here is what I have seen:

          @ Room Temp 76 F

          Processor Idling

          After 10min it was up to 122 F or 50 C. Max operating temperature is 100 C. Now if I let it run longer I am sure temperature will continue to rise. Also, if the room temp is higher I would expect it to rise. And last, if I was actually straining the processor, I know temperature should rise.

          Conclusion: At this point I will proably not run the processor without a fan, but I do plan on having a 12V fan maybe running on 5V just enough to keep it cooler without generating alot of noise. If anyone else wants to try this in more depth go ahead. Maybe post your results here if you like.
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            sorry to resurrect this thread but i have a MITX-845GVD and was wondering if the Mobile P4-M can be used with the larger 478 fan? And if so, can a 2.8 Mobile P4-M, the MB, a 2.5 HDD, and a liliput 8" be all run from an OPUS 150W.
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