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Carputer goes kaput...

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  • Carputer goes kaput...

    So anyway... I was driving down the road back to my house from my girlfriend's house. The MP3 Player (Compaq Deskpro 4000N)was working like a charm with the LCD encased in it's temporary cardboard. As the Offspring was blaring beautifully from my speakers, the music suddenly stopped. I looked and saw that the LCD was off. What had gone wrong?

    I sniffed and smelt the smell that all computer people hate. That burning electrical/plastic smell that happens when you burn a chip. I was very upset and just switched off the inverter.

    When I got home I popped open the trunk and took a look. I checked out the chip and it looked perfectly fine. No burnt pin holes in the socket or anything. Then I looked around on the board and right near the powersupply it looked like a small chip had exploded. There was white stuff on the board right there and I could no longer see all the connections running to the chip. I'm not sure if this is the exact problem but it looked like the only obvious thing.

    Now I'm not sure what to do. I have an extra board with a 166 MHZ Pentium... but I don't have an ATX powersupply to run it. The compaq uses some strange proprietary powersupply. Anybody have a powersupply? Ohh man... I have no music now and I've already done damage to my car to install the LCD...

    I wanna cry....

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    How smwll was this chip?? could we have some pictures?? It may have been a regulator (or are we talking smaller than that), and for some reason didn't like the power coming from the AC-DC when it was run off the inverter.. either that or the CPU drew too much current for the reg to handle, and it went POP!!! that is of corse if it was a regulator.. lol
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      It sounds like the power supply did not like the AC produced by your inverter and therefore could not properly regulate it's output...

      Or possibly, it was just that board's time to go...I had a 486 board spontaniously burn itself last week at a customer's site. Freaked them out...
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        Here are a few pics.

        First the 4000N Motherboard. It's very long and weird... Processor is up towards the front under the mess of cables. The drives fold up and one can be seen in the lower right corner. It's a nice case and computer for the car.

        <img src="" height=400 width=500">

        Now... The bad stuff

        <img src="" height=400 width=500">

        And Ouch
        <img src="" height=400 width=500">


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          It's hard to tell from just those pics, but it looks almost like corrosion from getting wet. Any chance it could've gotten moisture inside, like a drip?


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            That part is a surface mount capacitor. The white stuff is whay comes out when they blow. Get some pcb cleaner and clean it off, and unsolder the cap with a small iron. tack solder a small .1uF cap across the pads and try it out.


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              I got a 4000s, i think they're sweet
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