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Got GPS 16 working

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  • Got GPS 16 working

    Got my garmin gps 16hvs working last night. Went for a test drive with it using MS MapPoint 2002, and all went well. Did some more extensive testing today and it went even better. Now I'm using AGPS with MP2002.. it's a must have add-on. The ONLY thing I wish this thing had now, was a "track-up" instead of a "north-up" display mode... but Im more than happy with what I have.
    I dont know if I'm receiving WAAS yet, they say there's a sat over the east coast, so Im thinking I might be able to get it but I dont know. Ill have to look closely at which sats im getting. The unit was telling me it was tracking 12 of them..
    Anyway, the next step will be to get the DennisK setup working......once it arrives

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    I have just ordered one from let's see if I can get it to work ;-)
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      Did you guys hook up on the 3.3 to 6 VDC model or the 6 to 40 VDC model?
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        There isn't much of a price difference.. I would go with the wide range model
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          Especially in a car environment, or even a computer. you'd have to run the gps from your computers 5vdc if you got the low voltage model, where as you could run the high voltage from your computers 12vdc, your cars 10-14vdc.

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            Re: Got GPS 16 working

            Originally posted by tekknikal
            Got my garmin gps 16hvs working last night...
            GPS 16HVS = 6-40V model
            GPS 16LVS = lower voltage model (3.3-6v, dont quote me on that.. search for exact figures)


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              ah yeah! This is the last thing I've been holding off on getting since I didn't want to be the guinea pig ;-) tekknikal where did you buy yours? Did you just wire up like the manual shows?

              what is AGPS? I've got copilot 2002 is there anything else I need?
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                Being the guinea pig isnt so bad; you get to be among the first with something. Too bad a lot of guinea pigs treat others badly and just tell em to search for info...

                I soldered the serial and power cables that i needed as the manual said.. i had to buy a female rj45 jack and a female RS232/DB9 serial port.
                AGPS is a software add-on to MapPoint 2001/2.. it adds a lot of features and is a must have if you use MS Mappoint + GPS.
                One more thing, dont plan on using a usb-serial converter with most gps units, some combinations of hardware/software/os dont work this way.


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                  whoa- so u just got a female r45 jack instead of cutting the cord and tapping the wires? Smart... I am too dumb to think of that, but you can bet I'll be copying that idea

                  thanks for answering my questions mr guinea pig! Here is my contribution copied out of the manual.

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                    Yeah, thats the diagram I went by. There's a local parts place I went to that had female RJ-45 to RB9 converters. The only thing was, it would have been hard to run the power/grnd lines off of them. So I went with those and radio shack DB9 ports.
                    That done, the only hard part was figuring out what lines coming off the RJ45 were what (from the male RJ45). And that's important cuz you wont want to give the GPS 16 12V on the wrong pin.