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Help in deciding Mini ITX board

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  • Help in deciding Mini ITX board

    I need help in deciding what Mini ITX board to go with. I was going with a small Micro ATX board, but after 2 straight DOAs I've decided to go another route. I want to go with a Mini ITX board because it can fit in a small compartment where the old heat unit resides.

    Now, I'd love to go all balls out and get a AOpen i945GTt with a core duo processor, but that will cost me at least $400 and trump my original budget of $100.

    So I've narrowed it down two choices.

    Jetway 1.5GHz Around $150


    AOpen i915GMt

    About $275-$300 for Mobo & 1.6-1.7GHz Processor.

    So what do you guys think? What should I go with? Is there a big performance difference between the two? Would the i915GMt + Pentium M be worth the $300? My main goal is to have some good mp3, dvd playback, navigation and wireless internet browsing.
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    I've been doing my research for who knows how long and I think you'd be happy with the 1.5ghz C7 processor. The other board will be upgradeable in the future, but honestly how many people actually upgrade the processor down the road? You'll probably want a newer board with better memory controller or some other feature that you won't have now when the time to upgrade comes along.

    I'm waiting a little longer because there is a 2.0ghz version of the Jetway on it's way. That will be a little more expensive so we'll have to see if the extra expense is worth it. Regardless of what any of us buy, there will always be something cheaper and faster next week.

    Here's the 2.0ghz board, but it's a little pricey right now:

    279 for 2.0ghz or 150 for 1.5ghz is a tough choice. Hopefully sometime after the holidays and when a few other manufacturers can get a 2.0 board out the price will come down to 200-225 range then I'd consider that a good deal.
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