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RS232 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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  • RS232 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    I have been looking around the web for a tire pressure monitor that had an interface to a computer so that I could include the tire pressure data in my planned car pc. I had not found anything until a small link on the PressurePro TPMS site had a press release stating that they were developing a TPMS with a montitor that had an RS232 port on it to access the data. After emailing the company I received a response that included the operating instructions and the current price of such a system. I've attached the operating instructions.

    The price for this system is roughly...

    1. RS232 Monitor $275
    2. RS232 Power Cord $15
    3. Antenna $11
    4. Sensors $50/each

    A 4-tire RS232 PressurePro system would be $501 complete.

    This is a bit pricey but if this is a must have for your carpc, then here is an off-the-shelf solution...

    Their website does not show any "RS232 Monitor" so contact them if you want to buy one...

    PressurePro Link

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    Wow, this is great! I actually gave them a call and talked to someone at pressurepro (nice guy!). He said you don't actually need the antenna for a car cause the monitor comes with it. Also said it could be used with a serial-to-usb adapter. I guess you can set the monitor up so that every x minutes, it uploads data to your computer/pda. The data is raw data including pressure readings and pressure alarms! This seems very cool, alittle pricey I agree but definitely a cool toy! With some simple software, it could be pretty neat!


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      I found this pic on a different website. This shows a single pressure sensor. Other systems utilize a sensor inside the tire strapped to the rim or attached to the inflator nozzle, but the PressurePro system is attached at the tip of the nozzle, outside your tire. This is one drawback in my book, a large knob on the nozzle of your tire might detract from the look of your car. If you saw my current car, you'd probably ask me why I was nitpicking, but in a perfect world, I want the rims/tires to look as clean and streamlined as possible and this type of sensor may take away from that.

      You be the judge...