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  • general questions about building

    Hi all,
    I'm planning to build my multimedia car machine :-) I already ordered a 5.6" LCD (TFT) now my questions are the following :

    -How to mount Harddrive ? horizontally oder vertically ?
    - What CD-ROM to use when i want to read cd's while driving ?
    -- Does any kind of "caching tool exist that would buffer for ex 5megs of the cd rom ?
    - If i plan to use laptop cdrom - where to get an adapter ? ( europe => germany?)
    - Whats about temp ? Tonoght i discussed my project with a friend and he remembert me that in summer interior temp of a car could be around 60 - 80 degres celsius ?

    Anything else i forgot - please gimme some tips :-)

    MAny thanks

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    1. Mount the drive Vertically. That way the head cant be lifted from the platter if a large bump happens.
    2. I think most cd-rom's are the same when it comes to skip protection. An external one may be your best bet, or make some sort of suspension for the internal cd-rom.
    3. Dunno. If you want to read it for mp3's, i think Winamp has something in the setting where you can set the buffer.
    4. Search in our forum, this has been discussed before several times. Sorry, i dont have a clue on who carries them. Shouldnt be too hard to find. Maybe try ebay.
    5. This has also been discussed before. I havent had any heat problems with my setup and it gets about 90-120 in my car when i first get in. There are preventative measure you can take to keep the temps down. Crack the windows, reflective windshield visor thing, extra fans in the case, etc.
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