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M10000 Video Aspect Ratio Wrong On Resume From Hibernation

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  • M10000 Video Aspect Ratio Wrong On Resume From Hibernation

    This has happened sometimes and it gets rather annoying when it does happen. When I come back from hibernation, it sometimes only shows the video on 2/3 of the screen, like it's showing a 4:3 resolution on my widescreen. Would this be a driver issue, a Windows issue or a hardware issue? I don't think there's a driver out there for the M10000 onboard video that supports a widescreen resolution, but if there is please point me to it.

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    Bumping a very old thread...but I was wondering if anyone knows of a solution to this problem? The M10000 board seems to have ALOT of issues with its resolution output.

    I am having the exact same problem as the OP, except my video image is not being shown full screen on full reboots. Putting the computer in hibernation then resuming from it fixes the issue. But that is a temporary fix because the resolution messes up after a full reboot. I think the issue is due to the drivers because when I uninstall the S3 Unichrome drivers, everything works fine except I am unable to standby or hibernate. I tried disabling the S3 utilities from starting up with windows, but that didnt seem to do anything.


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      I have the same board.But none of the problems.Although mines still in the house and under test mode. What res r u using?


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        I have the same issue in the house (using a crt) and in the car (using my 7inch lcd). I am using 800x600 but I have also tried 640x480. I actually didnt have any problems at first either, but then the board just suddenly did this.


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          Ok so today I notice that the resolution will ALSO mess up upon resume from hibernation if the temperature is -20C (when before, a resume from hibernation at >0C temporarily fixes the issue). But I think I found a fix. I went into the BIOS, changed my video setting to "CRT" and "1024x768" then in Windows I changed my resolution to "1024x768". This seem to have fixed the issue, but it sucks that 800x600 doesnt work because that was the perfect resolution.

          EDIT: Nevermind, it just screwed up again. If anyone has a solution, please share.