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Bypass Soundcard Requirements?

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  • Bypass Soundcard Requirements?

    I have a p90 that I thought I might be able to salvage but I'm having problems running winamp (in win98) with a soundblaster live value rated for p133s and above. All I get is skips though I do get some output. I tried mpxplay but I can't get it to work straght from DOS either because of memory errors (I'm clueless as to DOS). What can I do? Thanks.

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    Use a _real_ operating system, like GNU/Linux for instance ;-)
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      Yeah I could but that would take a long time for me to learn. Not that I'm not up for it but right now I don't have time.

      Anyway, I noticed that it may not be a hardware problem after all. It seems that the software bundled with the soundcard can play mp3s just fine but I have massive problems when using winamp. I tried increasing the buffer size to no avail.


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        Sound Blaster cards newer than the good old SB16's all seem to have trouble with DOS drivers...... I doubt the new cards even come with em now.....

        I guess try another sound card..... otherwise up the processor...?
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