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Help me pick out a mobo

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  • Help me pick out a mobo

    There are so many mobos available I don't know where to start,
    what I want out of it is:

    to be able to connect 2 harddrives
    I will be using a single 15 inch lcd monitor
    playing audio is the most important and I will be using the alpine PXA-H701
    so I need optical out
    do I need multiple usb ports? Or just get a hub or 2?
    I will be playing music 99% of the time so should I go with a core2duo/ amd equivelant?

    Space is not an factor at all neither is powering it

    I want to spend only what I have to, I don't want to pay for somthing I am not gonna need.


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    Sorry but its not likely that someone is going to tell you what board to get.

    But with the few requirements that you have specified, just about any board will work.

    Just about every board I have seen, supports multiple hard-drives with IDE, and any SATA board I have seen, has more than one SATA port on it.

    Also For the past several years, every board I have seen or purchased has had at least 2 USB ports.

    It looks like you are thinking along the lines of more power. Just remember with more power, you get more heat and power consumption. There wont be a constant 120v running to this thing like from a house, and just plugging in an 500w power supply. Power supplies for car pc's dont seem very cheap, and the wattage that I have seen is not up there with standard desktop applications.

    If your just wanting to build a juke box, then I dont think you need to go as strong as a 2duo


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      my main emphasis is on the audio the carpc will replace my headunit, It will be used for navigation, internet, control some lights all the basic stuff and I want to be sure that it is able to play audio while while doing all the basic carpc stuff without skipping a beat.

      Powering it will not be a problem

      what type of monitor out shoud I look for to run an lcd screen? dvi?

      and resulotion?