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Slim-Slot-DVD Solved

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  • Slim-Slot-DVD Solved

    I recieved something in the mail today. I believe this is what you all have been after for a long time?

    This is a 6X dvd/24X cd drive... Slim, Slot...

    did i mention i have more on the way? the adapter...
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    What kind of a plug is that on the back? Must be something with integrated power and IDE, or is it SCSI? do you know the pin outs for it yet? I'm curious.



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      is that adapter compatible with all laptop-sized dvd drives?


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        no... the plug would be upside down for regular laptop cdroms...

        the plug on the back is integrated 40pin ide and 10 pins for power/audio output.

        pin 1-4 are +5V
        pin 5-10 are audio outputs... left, right speaker, ground etc.
        pin 11 on this 50pin = pin 1 of a 40pin ide
        pin 50 " = pin 40 "

        Very easy to connect... i was running it earlier... works just fine
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          1) Is there any jumper for master / slave on the adapter? I only have one IDE channel and the DVD-ROM needs to be the slave. The drives as you see them default to master without a jumper to force it to slave.

          2) Are you saying you can get these adapters seperately? I might have found a source also but they were over seas so shipping would make them too pricey. I already have the drive I bought ebay and I have an adapter that works but it does stick out more than I would like.


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            If you could post your source that would be great as I would like to know if they also make a version for the 44 pin laptop IDE connector as that is what I have.


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              Dont need a master/slave setting.

              Models of the dvd drive have the switch on the drive itself... like the one i have in the picture above. You will not find an adapter board with master/slave setting because this drive doesnt support something like that. The drives that do not are default auto cable select.

              The adapters can be had seperately or with the DVD drive (which im acquiring a quanity source for). We all know that they will work with the regular laptop cd adapters... but since they stick out on the side... that makes them unusable.

              I would like to know if they also make a version for the 44 pin laptop IDE connector as that is what I have.
              44pin ide adapter was meant for the laptop HD's... not CDROMS/DVDROMS... no one on this planet makes them that way because its ridiculous.
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                Sorry but your wrong on both counts. First of all I have a SR-8185-C DVD-ROM and it does not have a master / slave switch on the PCB, although there is a hole in the chassis for one to exist. The drive does support it because I already have an adapter that has the jumper and it works. Now maybe it's just hard wiring the cable select pins (I don't think so though). I could tell you the pins it uses if needed.

                On your second comment I have an SBC that has a 44 pin laptop IDE connector and I have a 44 pin cable connected to a laptop hard drive and the 44 pin laptop connector on my adaptor for my SR-8185-C slot load DVD drive. It all works fine and I don't find it ridiculous, and rest addured that the manufactuer of the adapter resides on this planet and also does not find it ridculous. You *SHOULD* be using a laptop drive becasue it's far more vibration resistant than a standard 3.5" drive and it's much cleaner, easier, and more space efficient having power and data all in one cable.

                The only problem I have with the adapter I'm using is it's oriented like the others and sticks out past the housing in the wrong direction.

                Now, can you let us know the source for these adapters?


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                  I had a responce typed up for this... the server died when i tried to submit and lost all of it. I wont say as much detail as before...

                  I have a factory spec SR-8185-C (look at the picture of the label) and it does have master/slave switch. Drives without them are ID Cable Select (as told by the manufacturer). Your's must be some kind of oem-spec model where they left out the switch. I have dealt with these drives quite a bit... and infact i own a model (by Fujitsu) that does not require any adapter boards whatsoever... it has a large 50pin IDE style connector on the back. I have been using it for nearly 2 years. They do not make or sell that model anymore, so i have had to resort to finding an alternative.

                  Yes, the adapter that you use has master/slave switch... BUT it does not fit for the drive. So back to what i said earlier... there isnt an adapter board (THAT FITS) for this drive with master/slave switch on it. The fact that your board has a switch on it means nothing when it doesnt attach to the drive properly.

                  When i say ridiculous... i mean the fact that you are looking for a laptop cdrom with 44pin slim connector. That is not the way optical devices are made... they almost all use 50pin connectors. The 44pin socket was never intended for use in laptop cdroms, it is a format followed for 2.5" Laptop HD's... manufacturers follow convention when they make these things. There arent any rogue companies making drives with crazy connectors only one dude on Mp3car can use!

                  The fact that a large 50pin connector is available out of this thing should be like a godsend. You got the cake, now you have the icing... and u want the cherry too?!? There is certain level of custom work that has to be done...

                  FYI my sbc puts out a 44pin slim ide connector ... i made a custom cable from bare cable and 3 connectors, that has a 44pin slim ide connector to connect to the sbc, another 44pin slim ide (for the 10GB Travelstar) and a 50pin standard size ide connector for the cdrom. As far as where you can get the adapters from... your looking at him.
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                    first off, i will like to thank you on this find. I have that EXACT slot DVD. All i have to ask you now is WHERE do i get the damn adapter from. Thank GOD i havent started designing my final box
                    woohooo... Also where in devils name did u order this drive from and how much are we talking about.
                    Please respond ASAP!
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                      50-pin freeking way...

                      i need one of those so long as it works with the F@%KING mac dvd-rom drives...

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                        Good work vickumar! I searched for these things forever.


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                          Re: Slim-Slot-DVD Solved

                          Originally posted by vickumar
                          I recieved something in the mail today. I believe this is what you all have been after for a long time?

                          This is a 6X dvd/24X cd drive... Slim, Slot...
                          Any chance that you could take a photo of the front of the unit? Does it have a fascia?

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                            I guess were having a communication problem, so please forgive me if I wasn't clear.

                            I have a SR-8185-C also (and I know that is also the model you're displaying). Mine does not have the M/S switch, so it is a cable select. This model has the JAE 50 pin connector on the back as all SR-8185-C models have.

                            I *do have* an adapter that fits the drive that sticks out in the wrong direction, not sure what you mean by "not fitting the drive" but if you mean it is not oriented for ideal packaging, that is true. The M/S switch works perfectly fine on this adapter and this adapter provides a single 44 pin notebook IDE connector for power and data. It works and fits on the drive, just not oriented ideally.

                            Manufacturers do not make many (if any) slimline CD-ROM with a desktop standard interface connector. That is obviously why we are looking for an adapter. I do not understand why you think it's ridiculous that someone might make an adapter exactly like mine only oriented 180 deg. off for use on the Panasonic drives with the inverted JAE connector? The 44 pin standard is simply a laptop standard that can be used for any EIDE/IDE device just like a desktop 40 pin IDE. It's just adding power in the same cabling. Not sure why you think it's for HDs only, but it isn't, I'm using it for both right now.

                            Now I did not realize your adapter provides a 50 pin IDE connector, that could be made to work for me as I would have access to all of the pins. I have no problem making a custom cable to get what I need.

                            So what price are you asking for the adapter?


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                              I think his point that the slim line cdroms use the 50 pin connector for power, audio, and ide conections, where as a laptop hd (44 pins) only uses the cable for power and ide connections ("industry standards").

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