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Lilliput blaxtream TC10000, how many owners?

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  • Lilliput blaxtream TC10000, how many owners?

    I just bought one these carpcs in a combo with a 7" motorized lilliput LCD screen. I have used in on the bench, but haven't installed it yet.

    I will write a review once I get it installed. Although, as a preview, I am less than impressed with the quality of the lilliput monitor. The screen I was using previously (a cheaper $350 screen unnamed brand) was thousands of times better. The touchscreen makes the LCD extremely blurry (I thought it was a screen protector causing it at first!)

    Anyway, how many owners are there on here? I have seen a couple of posts that people don't like it. I don't have a lot of complaints about the computer itself.

    Also, I opened it up and it is tightly packed. Though there is some room still.

    There is no parallel port and only one com port, but the headers for the par and secon com port are on the mobo. I have some of the dongles laying around that bring these out to thier connectors. I would like to use the par port for some gpio, so I will at least be routing the ribbon cable out of the case.

    It also looks like there is enough room to install a stripped boost mobile phone inside the case and route an external antenna. If so, I should be able to hack this into the second com port header inside the computer.

    Look for some hacks soon!

    BTW, looks like is now carrying them (better price than I paid on Ebay and I had to get mine shipped from hong kong!) Though, I did get a copy of XP home edition (legit) that I could have refused for a $100 discount. Cost was $999 Shipping was $88 for 2-day from HK to US.

    This is where I got mine from. Great seller. I could tell they really had opened it and tested it before shipping to me (not just claimed it.) It really did arrive in 2 days from HK.


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    Also, I had seen questions about how they did the front panel. It is pretty sweet. The whole thing is basically just a 4 port hub. This is attached to one of the mobos USB headers. Attached to the hub is a USB keyboard which is used by the front panel buttons, a bluetooth adapter, and two left over USB ports. The IRDA sensor is also on this front panel, but it looks like it is just routed the mobo's IR header. All this is built on a custom PCB. this is very similar to an Xbox mod I did, where I broke out one of the controller ports (number 4) to a small 4 port hub, installed 2 USB ports, and a wireless keyboard and mouse receiver.

    The eTDVD bios is just a bigger bios chip installed with the playnow! extension. I haven't played with this DVD player much yet, though. I was hoping that it wouldn't boot into it at all if it didn't sense a DVD or audio CD, but it always boots into it first. It does have an adjustable time out to boot to OS without user intervention, though. I set mine on 5 seconds.

    Oh, and you can turn off the etDVD bios so it always just boots normally.


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      Unless I just totally missed both geeks and this ebay seller, it figures that all these sources would pop up after I took the plunge. I had been watching this for months and thought I had looked at all sources and found this to be the cheapest. Oh well, I was happy with the transaction from the seller overall and I do now have a copy of XP Home legit (though I use XP Pro.)

      Still wonder if my screen is an oddball. I would've thought lilliput monitors would be way up there in quality, but like I said my previous noname monitor kicked this ones ***.


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        I plan to buy same bundle from same dealer.
        Can you make some pics of what you got?
        Did you ask seller about quality of screen?
        And if you can make some pics of screen will be great.
        I search lot of sites, but seems like this is a cheapest
        solution , price of screen and pc is $899 + shipping
        And i don't understand something - a lot of posts about
        how bad is lillyput, but also same screen is in signature
        and carputers of lot of users here.
        If it is so bad, why ppls use it?


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          Not sure if you are asking ME for the info or not. If so, here are my answers: (BTW, I did not purchase mine from the $899 + Shipping Seller, mine was $999USD+$88USD shipping)

          I can probably take some pictures within the next couple of days

          No, I did not ask the seller about the LCD quality. I really can't see anything that wouldn't have been the result of manufacturing. The touchscreen itself appears to be the part that makes the screen difficult to read. After my eyes adjusted to it for a bit, it did seem easier. Maybe it is that I am used to a 21" LCD monitor on my desk.

          The best deal looks like the seller submitted by Motorcity. At least for the USA. Looks like the shipping quote is not for outside USA and they require mailed payment for non-USA orders. Geeks may be as much trouble. The seller that I submitted should be set as thier price to ship to your country.

          BTW, there is NO reason you HAVE to buy the combo if you are worried about the screen. You can buy just the blaxtream TC10000 ISO DIN PC and get whatever screen you want. Of course, it will probably be a bit more expensive that way. All the sources listed in this post also sell only the PC if you want. I can't seem to find a source for the old screen I bought last year. That was a great monitor. It came from "Audio Image Electronics, Ltd." in HK.

          I have read some things that if the touchscreen is not aligned just right, it will screw up the image. That may have happened in my case. I can't believe that people would be using this monitor and recommending it if thier screen looks like mine.

          I'll post some pics in the next couple of days.



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            According to my eBay feedback, the seller was yuki668 but they are no longer a registered user. I had no difficulties with them, would've recommended them if they were still around.

            The monitor was an SP-716T which seems pretty popular on here and is supposedly sold under different names SP-716, DWW-700M, MTS12000 and TST-70NP/C

            There are no doubt better monitors, but these two are the only ones I have had any experience with.

            I have a suspicion that the seller I bought this combo from is the same seller with a different business name for whatever reason. I experienced no problems with either of them. They seem to only be selling lilliput now, though.



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              Thanks for answers
              Already payed, so now the only think is to wait


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                Would someone who owns this unit be able to tell me exactly what Bluetooth unit is installed inside? I bought one from Geeks and to my dismay, I got it and it didn't have Bluetooth. Turns out the one at is NOT the Lilliput branded one (it's non-branded) and does not include the Bluetooth like the Blaxtream does. If I can find out what's in it, I'll just put one in myself.

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                  It is a "cambrige radio" bluetooth module. Looks like it was a USB dongle with the USB removed and pin headers installed. It is installed behind the faceplate, which is a USB hub. I am sure you at least have the holes for the header there.

                  When you remove the faceplate, it is on the left-most side. Should be four holes: 5V, Data -, Data +, and Ground (not in that order, probably.)

                  That's interesting they would leave out a $14 bluetooth module. Remove the faceplate and look to be sure.

                  I would be interested in what the differences are (do you have wifi built in?)

                  If you need other info (or need me to get in there and look,) let me know.

                  Scott McDonnell


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                    BTW, it shouldn't matter which bluetooth module you install. It is using USB, so any USB module would work, in fact you should be able to connect any USB device to that header, like WIFI if you wanted.


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                      Hi Scott,

                      Thanks a ton for the detailed reply. I have not in fact cracked it open to be sure... I will do that asap. I was going by the specs they gave me on the order form. I agree with you though, you would think even unbranded that these things all came out of China built the same way. I just got it yesterday, so I haven't had a chance to open it, but I definitely plan to so I can see what's going on in there.

                      I will keep you posted and let you know what else I may need...
                      Thanks again!
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                        Hi again Retro,

                        You were absolutely correct. The specs given to me were incomplete, and my unit does in fact include a Bluetooth module.

                        Next question: regarding the Playnow Bios... I think it's a great idea, especially for my wife who just wants to pop in a CD without having to boot up Windows. My only problem: you can't use the touchscreen on the main selector page that the pc first boots into (the one with the three PC, DVD, CD buttons). You CAN use a mouse or a keyboard, but I don't plan to use either in my car (except in some rare cases). I know you can go into the BIOS settings and tweak it to auto-load into the OS after a timeout, or to bypass the Playnow function completely, but I don't want to bypass it completely because it's a good function to have. Any idea on any workarounds to get that first menu to recognize the touchscreen commands? I assume the problem is that the touchscreen interface isn't technically loaded until Windows is loaded.

                        By the way, I have the 7" Xenarc 700TSV with the touchscreen controlled via USB.
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                          I doubt it. The touchscreen controller is not "mouse compatible" as far as I know. You could check the bios to make sure that USB legacy keyboard/mouse support is turned on (I'm sure it is.) I set mine to time out at 5 seconds, but will probably just end up disabling it. I agree, it is kind of a pain.

                          Have you tried popping in a DVD or music CD at boot to see if goes into the players? I haven't used the player at all yet. BTW, you do realize the remote or front panel can be used to navigate on that screen, right?

                          The front panel buttons are actually a USB keyboard. You have arrows, ESC, ENTER, and some other keyboard shortcuts. You should be able to link them to whatever media player you use in windows as well.


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                            Hey again Retro,

                            Yes I did know about the remote and front buttons being able to control the opening menu... problem is that I'm going to have this guy tucked away in the glovebox single din slot in my VW Passat. The '06 Passats (and other models as well) have a dropdown single din slot in the glovebox where they put the CD changer. It's great for convenience of keeping things hidden and out of the way. It's also a bit of a pain if you're on the the Interstate and you have to lean over to the glovebox to put a disc in, but it's well worth it for what I'm shooting for, which is the most OEM look possible (all you'll see in the dash is the screen, ala Andro's setup

                            Yes, I have played both CD and DVD's and they both autostart whether you're just booting up, or are already at the opening menu. This is also a great feature... but once again I go back to the touchscreen control. The onscreen controls for DVD and CD can't be touchscreened either. A real bummer. I guess until I figure something else out, I'll just have to drive with the glovebox hanging open when a DVD or CD is on.

                            Overall, I really like the unit so far though. It's not installed in my car yet, but everything is on it and ready to go.
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                              Hmm...well, I wish I had a better answer for you. If you can custom fabricate, you might be able to create a set of buttons you can put somewhere convenient using the guts from a USB keyboard to give you the controls you want.

                              Maybe extend the IR sensor to the glovebox door so that the remote can work with it closed? Maybe even just a small IR window in the glovebox door in sight of the IR sensor?