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  • Mixing the OLD with some NEW...

    Ok well my equipment isnt exactly old, I have an audio system set up in my '03 BMW M3 and Im just looking to find out if I can use some or all of my stuff out of the BMW to put into my new car(Jeep SRT-8). I havent actually said what I wanted to do, I want to add a CarPC(carputer) to my new vehicle in addition to all my old stuff. The main thing I am looking to use is the IVA-w200 as a touchscreen lcd monitor for the carputer, is this possible?, and if so how would it connect to the CarPC. Im also wondering how I can incorporate the speakers,processor and sub to work with the CarPC as im new at this field of Car Entertainment.

    Here is a list of equipment I already own and Id like to bring into my new project:

    JL 12w7 sub
    JL 500/1 amp
    JL 300/4 amp
    6" Morell INTEGRA OVATION front and rear setup speakers
    Alpine Surround Sound Processor(h701)
    Alpine Head Unit(IVA-w200)
    Alpine Steering Wheel Control Module
    Sirius Satelite Radio
    Back-up Rear-view Nightvision Camera

    want to add:

    CarPC with the whole nine yards WiFi,Bluetooth,USB Hubs, etc..
    2 More LCD screens for Headrests in backseat

    What more would I need to complete this project rather than cables and power supply....?

    As far as CarPC's are concerned im relativley new at this and was maybe even thinking of buying a Mac-mini as opposed to a Windows based CarPC, I know the software and what-nots isnt all there yet but I own a number of apples and prefer this brand in computers, especially there OS.