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Help from those with Microstar MS-6215 BookPCs

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  • Help from those with Microstar MS-6215 BookPCs

    I have this BookPC ( )
    and it was working perfectly for almost a year now at home (powered by mains - not in car). All of a sudden I tried to turn it on yesterday and nothing happened. Then it smelled like something was burning and I opened up the case.
    I found out that the only visible damage (not necessarily the only one of course) is on a small black rectangular (5x2mm) component with a small white line on one of it's edges (possibly a diode). This component is situated on the front left area of the motherboard (close to the audio IN headers), right belind two 50N03LT transistors which are lying flat on the PCB. It is marked D16 on the PCB and it is burned and cracked right in the middle.

    I would like to ask the owners of the same machine to check and see the markings on this diode and tell me in order to replace it. The only thing that I can see on it (since it is burned) is "**W53" and in the next row "5817".

    Thank you,

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    Mine (d16) says ss12

    like that.


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      first of all thank you for your quick responce.
      That ss16 is also a diode and I found out that it comes also in the DO-214AC package that I see right here in front of me.
      What I would like to know is if the electrical characteristics are the same or at least if these too components are interchangable for this application. bottom line should I use an SS16 instead?
      Also are these extra letters on the top row that I can't read important or only the 4 digits (5817) characterize this diode?



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        According to this (see page 14) :

        they are interchangable aren't they???

        So should I look for an SS16?


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          Where/when did you buy it? Directron offers a one year warranty, so if possible you should try and get it serviced. If you take a soldering iron to the motherboard and it still does not work, you've voided your warranty and are SOL.


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            Maybe it is still under warranty-not sure though- I lost the receipt).
            Either way, since I bought it from the states and I am in Europe right now, only the shipping costs back and forth will be too much.

            By the way, those two transistors I mentioned earlier are getting really hot. Does this mean that they are still functioning properly, or that something else is damaged too? Could a burned out diode cause overheating? Shouldn't we just have an open circuit there?
            Is anybody able to tell me what may have caused this failure and what exactly these components do on the motherboard?