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Video card that doesn't draw too much power?

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  • Video card that doesn't draw too much power?

    I'm looking to get a PCI video card for my Epia M10000 as that it has some problems running some video files smoothly and I don't think the on-board video card is powerful enough. My main concern is finding a card that won't draw too much power. I'd like to get some advice on what card I should get that won't draw more power than I have. Here's my system:

    OPUS 90W PSU
    Epia M10000 1Ghz
    8X slim DVD-rom
    40GB notebook HD
    512 MB RAM
    Lilliput 7"
    Rikaline GPS
    Creative Xmod USB sound card
    USB blue tooth
    USB Wi-Fi

    I'm not looking to play any video games or anything too fancy. I just want my videos to play more smoothly. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks.