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Scan converter Quality vs TV-Out Quality

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  • Scan converter Quality vs TV-Out Quality

    I've looked through past posts but I cannot find any clear answer for which is better quality a scanline converter or tv-out from a video card. I currently have a ATI Radeon 8500 and testing the TV out to my 19" sucks. Would a scan converter with SVideo out do a better job for a 6.4" composite input LCD?

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    If by scan convertor you are refering to those external boxes that connect to the VGA port, then no avoid at all cost. I got one of those, it cost me about 90 and the quality is bad. During hard disk activity the picture wobbles, the text is unreadable, and my TFT cant even sync to the picture! Also, its useless for watching movies with as it doesnt convert all the frames making the video jerky, so it looks great on your monitor, but on the TV it has noticable freezing.

    I shelved mine for a 20 SIS TVout card, which has a great stable picture and text is readable.
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      I used to use a Tveiw scan converter on a celery 400 and had no problems watching dvds. It did do all sort of thing in dos, but once windows was up, it was very clean. Spent $40 US on

      I use a tv out now because it came with my new mobo. That works well too and it doesnt have any problems in dos. Id check with ATI and make sure you have the right drivers. It should work as I an sure a bunch of people here are using it.

      Which is better? TV out just because I can read the posting during bootup

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        You're also gonna want to make sure that the resolution isn't set too high. You don't need to be above 640x480, definately not above 800x600. It's not needed on a screen that small.
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          Flip a coin; heads tv-out it better, tails scan converter.

          Actually, neither one is better by definition. I've tried a tv-out from my friends gf2mx and then tried a nice scan converter. The converter was so much nicer and since it's external, it doesn't need drivers or be in a certain os to work.
          The only problem is cost. The cheapest scan conv. is not going to be any better than your tv-out.

          just my opinion


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            That radeon card should work fine.. make sure you are using a quality video grade cable.. If you are just using some crappy audio composite cable you will not have a very nice picture
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              I love my scan converter, you can hardly tell that it's not VGA!

              ok, maybe YOU can tell, but people get my car and say how nice and clean it looks. I don't need VGA by any means.

              my vote is external. If you are paying $125 for a video card, you mind as well pay $100 for a good scan converter. It will def. do the trick. Just remember to bump the font sizes up (if you screen is small) and nobody would tell the difference, and it makes a very tolerable solution.

              Just check out my screenshots to see what I mean:


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                the TV-Out on the Geforce 2 MX400 video cards I have used has been great..... so I use TV-Out.... I dont know about the ATI's but the cards I have there is alot of tweaking options, like interlacing, etc..... apart from the standard brightness,etc... playing with these types of settings help too...
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                  Remember, there's a big difference between a $100 scan converter and a $400 scan converter. I wouldn't expect the $100 unit to be much better than the chip built onto a card with TV out. However, more expensive scan converters will produce a much better image than a card with built in TV out.
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                    I'm using the eden board (with tv out) and an LCD from dscustoms and the clarity is marvelous.

                    it's 5.6" and I can read 8pt fonts (I THINK that's the size.. it's certainly 10 at most) on my GPS screen
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                      Hi ,
                      Geforce works fine, cannot test here because my TFT is actually with the guy who sold it to me on ebay for testing ( had some probs) But I can say that on my friends PC with Geforce and TVtool it works great . Ati Cards work well for TV without "tweakingtool" but on the 5,6"TFT the card wasn't able to fit the entire screen.

                      I would buy cheap Geforce instead of VGAconverter.

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