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Audi A4 OEM XM module interface Questions

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  • Audi A4 OEM XM module interface Questions

    Hey im working on my friends Audi A4 and he wants XM radio. Now his Audi is equipped with an OEM XM tuner and Dolphin antenna which he would rather keep and use rather than mount an additional antenna to the roof. The pinouts are as follows:

    Connector A: Audio and Data connector
    1:Can L
    2:Can H
    3:Audio In L
    4:Audio In R
    5:Audio Out GND
    6:Audio Out L
    7:Audio Out R
    8:Audio In GND

    (This one is going to be the issue, I am to understand that Audio goes into this unit? From what? CD Changer? then inturn this module has audio output that goes to the headunit? So not only would i have to tap the Audio output and run it into an audio input on the PC, but i would then need to do something about the data. Is there any way to control this with a PC is there any USB to Can-Bus adaptors available or am i way off with this? This seems like a long shot but it would take the CarPC thing to the next level of OEM fit and finish.)

    Connector B: Power Connector (This should remain factory, Not a problem)
    1:KL.31 (GND)
    2:KL.30 (Battery Power)

    Connector C: Terrestrial Antenna connector (This should remain factory, Not a problem)
    Connector D: Sat. Antenna connector (This should remain factory, Not a problem)

    Let me know what you think.

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    There are CAN2USB adapters and the Audi Infotainment CAN is using common 100kbits speed. But figuring out the 2 way communication between the head unit and the SAT receiver could be a little tricky. You would first need a PC and CAN2USB or CAn2COM adapter and log the traffic between the head unit and SAT receiver to get an understanding on how the communication looks like. Ideally you would do this outside the car, with only the head unit, SAT receiver and PC connected to the mini CAN, otherwise you have much to much traffic to decipher the messages. Once you know how the messages look like you could write a PC application that emulates the head unit and talks to the OEM SAT receiver. Overall, not impossible but pretty time consuming because you have to reverse engineer everything on your own.


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      I would rather try to figure out how to hide the new XM antenna ... seems like a lot less work to me...

      but good luck either way!
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