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License plate camera?

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  • License plate camera?

    Has anyone successfully mounted a license plate camera? It seems like it would be pretty easy but I want to be sure. I was originally thinking of keyhole cameras, but I wasn't able to find anyone that has actually installed one. Plus I think it might be too high up in my case. Here is what I was thinking of getting:

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    I've seen them on fleabay. I think they're ugly (not so bad on SUV but i wouldnt put on in my car.

    License plates on cars are usually too low so it's not really a good idea to use it unless you want a curb cam.

    Never seen actual pics from it so I dont know if they're worth a damn.
    good if you want a fast non-invasive install.
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      i was actually thinking that my keyhole would be too high and not show me the road...


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        I'm terrible when it comes to fab, so it looks promising to me. Let us know how it works if you decide to pick it up.
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          I have heard some bad things about the plastic frame cameras on ebay, but I have never seen one in person. I ordered one that many people highly recomended. I recieved it in the mail, and it I must say it looks very high quality. I haven't hooked it up yet, because I am still in the process of figuring out how to wire my PC. Everyone says the picture is great. It is more expensive, but I have heard it's worth it. However, the one you listed might work just as well.


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            walmart sells them to. I think there like $100.00
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