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  • lcd probs

    I have a 5" parts express flip lcd and the top of it seems dark and the bottom light but the middle is just fine. Anyone else have this problem. is there anyway to remedy this?

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    Usually there are two light tubes behind the display. Could one of yours be out, and the brighness is turned up to wash out the bottom?

    If you pop the cover you should be able to see the lights.
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      I popped it open and that seems to be true. i dont actualy see the lights but it looks like there is only one on at the bottom. Now the question is how do you fix that? It is a sharp display, it sez so on the metal frame on the back of the display and its 5 inch so how would i replace/fix it? Any ideas or places to look?



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        You know, I think someone on this board might have mentioned a site. You could look at eio, or flat-screen.

        You can try searching the web, I can't remember exactly what those tubes are called (fluorescent backlight maybe?)

        You might have to pull one out and see if there is a model number on it.
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          Most of them are "Cold Cathode Flourescent" lamps. If you have the casing off, you should be able to unscrew it from the side and replace it. Not sure on where to get them, though. Flat panel should have them, but might be overpriced :/


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            After ripping it apart searching for a part number and looking for a distribitor i fount out that it is all one bulb. But only half of the florecent bulb was working. well after starting to take the bulb out i did one quick test with the power on and it worked! but i see the problem kinda. The part that holds down the mini curcit board for the bulb and a few other pieces of metal (one on the bottom that seems to be connected to the bulb and the metal coating on an edge of one of the plastic cover sheets when screwed down comes in contact with each other. well once contact is made between the metal on the curcit board and anything else half of the light goes out.

            my question is obviously it should be set up this way cause it is layed out with screw hole and everything. but if it works when no contact is made can i just put some electric tape between all the metal points? Or is there something else i should be looking at? Also do i need all of these things connected to ground it?


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              Arby i was actualy dismantling it as you were typing your messege... took me a bit but i figured it slid out from the side thanx though


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                I'm just curious, what did you end up doing? Did you replace the whole bulb or did you do the electrical tape deal?
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