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  • PicoBTX Motherboard

    While browsing newegg, I came across this motherboard. It seems perfect for our uses. It suports Core 2 Duo, is small, has high FSB, Max 4/8GB RAM, PCIE, SATA 3.GB/sec, Gigabit NIC, DVI output, Integrated audio/firewire/usb. Has anyone used one in their install yet? I did a search, but nothing came up.
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    Looks nice. I have never even heard of PicoBTX. How big is it? Looks like the smallest a uAtx can be without being mini-itx.
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      picoBTX (8.00 inches by 10.50 inches [203.20 millimeters by 266.70 millimeters]) this is an intel MB link is


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        Doesn't this one only take the desktop versions of the core duo/core 2 duo ? LGA775 socket cpus ? That would mean somewhat higher current draw than the mobile versions, could be an issue with carpc psu's.
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