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Silverstone EB01 PCB EMI

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  • Silverstone EB01 PCB EMI

    I plan on using a Silverstone EB01 for the Output of my sound in my CarPC. I removed the PCB of the EB01 from the case so i can put it inside my Opus Case. Try make things a "package" deal.

    One thing im thinking. Do you guys think i should be concerned with trying to shield the PCB? EMI Shielding i mean. Should i try find a tiny project box to put it in?

    Just wanted to see what people thought.


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    No opinions?


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      put ferrites on the usb lines and inputs and you should be ok
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        Im looking at these.

        There labeled as AC ferrites. They will still function the same on a DC line correct?


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          Im using the EB01 for my sound, and took it out of the housing as well. I didnt shield it or use ferrites, and the sound is perfect.


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            Great. Thanks mate.. Appreciate the pics..

            Id like to know out of curiosity though if those ferrites i linked to will work on a DC line? I barely understand the concept of a ferrite.