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seen on EBay -how's this for small!

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  • seen on EBay -how's this for small!

    Anyone know more on this pc?

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    Wow, that's a pretty cool little computer. It looks like it's small enough to fit in the glove box.

    The one thing that caught my eye: it already runs on DC, so you wouldn't need an AC/DC inverter.

    The one thing I didn't like: it uses the Intel 810 chipset, not the newer, better 815 chipset.

    It looks like it's called the "Mini Book". I woulnd't mind getting a bare bones model if I could find one. I'm sure the reserve on the Ebay auction is over $500, since it comes with a processor, memory, and HD.


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      Wow! I'd buy one just to use in my dorm! Shoot then I can carry it around and stufff!!!!! WOWWW!!
      If anyone knows where ot buy it wholesale/retail, then post!!! DANGIT!!! GRRRRRR
      Free entrance to heaven? WOW! I DUN BELIEVE! JC!


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        The link is not working for me.
        Damn! and I wanted to see it too.


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          here is the link but the auction ended.....thing went for $1050!


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            i think this is the link to the guy that makes them but
            the web page is messed up. it looked good last time
            i was there: