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Need advice need slim heatsink/fan for small case!

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  • Need advice need slim heatsink/fan for small case!

    I am just wondering what may be some known options for slim heatsink/fan (HS/F) combos when using fairly slim cases... I am wanting to pick up a silverstone LC-19 case
    and pretty slim as far as height.
    My system is a micro-atx board with a Turion 25W chip..
    As for now I have a pretty basic HS/F which is taller than the alloted 2.6in. in height..
    So I have seen this product

    and this one which seems to be the same or similiar, plus a fan

    Now I am not trying to go fanless, and don't think it would work out well (I would have a fan blowing on it from somewhere though!

    Do you think either of these would mount to my board?(Socket754 Gigabyte..will provide link if needed) The one says sping and screw fastener, the other looks like some crazy rack clip setup... They say 1U which I am thinking has something to do with server racks... If not or if so any other suggestions?.. It is the only reason I am holding off on getting this case, so any input is greatly appreciated..


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    Well as an update I went ahead and ordered the case, and the passive cooler. Seems with a Sempron using the passive cooler temps are around 58 celcius which is still acceptable, with the Turion it should be lower still. I ordered a 70mm fan also and plan to use it to bring the temps down a bit lower. I really don't care for silent, just don't want a fried CPU.
    I will update this thread with my results in case they will help someone else out who may be considering this type of option, or is in a similiar situation.