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  • What speakers where?

    hiya...i think im gonna get a Alpine MRP-T103 for a simple 2 channel setup. but im not sure what to do about speakers.
    ive could put them in the door somewhere

    or somewhere on the back shelf. mebe where the old speakers are

    they have to be full range cos i dont want a sub atall. and aorund 30-40

    i have some speakers in the dash at the moment and they just make some screw in there somewhere rattle so i cant have them there...i guess i could put a component kit in the door...but thats gonna lack bass isnt it

    my mate has 6*9s on his back shelf and they dont sound THAT bad...but not that great either. they are more than bearable though...i cant see that theres room in that door for speakers tbh

    what does we think?

    btw its a E reg MK2 golf nice and old

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    Cutting holes usually bad...

    Putting more holes in your car just makes things worse. If possible, re-use the holes already there.

    A good set of mid (6inch) will produce good base. But if you are going to fill those spots in the back...put in some 6x9's. They are the best bang for the buck usually.

    Sound is price. If you want good sounds, you gotta pay the price. Cheap speakers will produce cheap sounds. It doesnt matter if you buy a cheap set of components or a cheap set of 6X9's, they will still produce the same quality of sound.

    You can buy a set of MBQuart Components or a pair of Infinity 6X9's that will blow away a low line set of subs, 6x9's, and components. Thus, I recommend that you buy one set of good speakers ie. infinity, pioneer, mbquart, keenwood or some other big name speaker co. You have a pretty small vehicle. You could very easily get away with having a good pair of 6x9's or components. To prevent cutting holes...get some 6x9s or 4x6s if you cant fit them in the hole in the back.

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    FYI: I sold my 96 4Runner and bought a 1985


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      cutting does sound bad BUTl ive found out that newer golfs have 5 inch speaker holes in their doors so a trip to the scrappy shall be in order

      what would you describe magnat? good? bad? cos i can get a component kit from them for 50 ish which doesnt sound like a bad deal to me (unless magnat suck )


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        Never heard of them...

        Ive never heard of them...Some advice though on buying. Most cheaper speakers try and get you to buy them by saying that they handle 1000w or something. A good speaker that can handle 50 is gonna sound better. I dont know of many people pushing 1000w to a door speaker either. 150w is a good number.

        How is the car stereo scene over there? Chances are you can get a good pair of used speakers for the price of a cheap pair of new ones. Most people here dump their Infinity and Alpine factory systems for aftermarket stuff as soon as they get their cars See if you cant find a used pair.

        I dont know what you can obtain over much is that in US bucks Based on that I can give you some other options.
        I'm a me if you have any questions on my old setup

        My way outdated website:

        FYI: I sold my 96 4Runner and bought a 1985


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          its abooot urm 70-80 dolars give or take. i think its a special offer...i think although it might just be masquerading as a special offer and actually just be cheap

          its about the only component kit thats near what i want to spend though.

          this is the blurb

          Magnat Bull Power Components

          NEW MAGNAT 2001 MODEL

          No this is not a misprint, less than 50 for a component kit!!!!!

          Kit includes a pair of high quality midrange with matching compact tweeters with crossovers. High power 70W RMS/140W Peak handling.

          A great upgrade from factory speakers with easy custom mountings (17cm pictured, grilles also included
          Price (Inc. VAT & Carriage): 49.99

          or i found this for the same price

          XS-HF58 2 Way Component speakers with crossover (13cm, 150W MIP) should be 129.99


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            Lot of people like sony round here...

            I am a Pioneer/Kenwood fan, but a lot of people here are Sony buffs.

            Evidently they are discontinued...hence the great deal. The cheapest I could find them was $109 US. Looks good.

            Crutchfield has a good amount of info on them


            For the price, you cant really beat it. If you are looking to stay under $80 US brand new and are probably gonna have to go with a panasonic speaker or an off-brand product.
            I'm a me if you have any questions on my old setup

            My way outdated website:

            FYI: I sold my 96 4Runner and bought a 1985


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              i would like to be able to stay that low
              being current dont bother long as they sound ok

              not a bad deal

              Alpine MRP-T103

              SONY XS-HF58

              for 115 taxed and delivered
              thats about $180


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                That amp looks okay...I bet you could find something for a little more thats a more powerful. Never the less it looks like a good entry level amp. Here are a couple reviews i found.


                Just remebered something. Sony and Alpine dont always mix well. I am pretty sure sony makes an entry level amp arround that price. Its always a plus to stick with the same name throughout your system. Sony speakers were built for sony amps. Hence...they will sound better together.

                I'm a me if you have any questions on my old setup

                My way outdated website:

                FYI: I sold my 96 4Runner and bought a 1985


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                  Hey, I got a couple things to add.
                  First you want to keep the sound stage in front of you. That means you have to put the speakers in the doors or dash. Trust me, you'll be much happier with it.
                  Next, I highly suggest buying a better quality used than a cheaper new amp (maybe even speakers as well). Check ebay and web forums for them.
                  Finally, I doubt you will notice any difference have different brands for different components.
                  I think it's a good starter system but at least look into a more powerful used amp.



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                    Why do you guys want to confuss things ...

                    My simple solution for this is get a nice woofer say a 8" or a 10" single woofer conect to the amp Bridged and then connect each existing factory speaker with a 100uf /63 v non polar cap on the positive of the speaker and a 4.7uf/63v for the tweeter and voila you have a Boss kind of sourround system in your car .. the woofer can be put in a box and throw it in the trunk and the sound will be like the speakers are giving the bass ..

                    for connection each speaker 100uf/63v one lead to the speaker one lead to the amp out ..



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                      unfortunatly my factory speakers are a bit screwed the ones in the front rattle something...adn the back ones just sound terrible

                      wouldnt running all that off one amp make it complain mastero?

                      i could go lookin for stuff second hand...but im feeling very impatient


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                        I just want to say, sony is crap. I've had 30 or more systems in my various vehicles, and I've heard hundreds more in cars we've installed them in. MB-Quart, JL Audio and Eclipse component speakers are probably the best speakers around, through all price ranges. Infinity? thats almost as bad as polk. Blech. Anyways, car audio is my game, I've heard all of em, if you want a harsh, one sided review, just ask.

                        Would you really want to buy something called, Xplode? because they really do!

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                          Sony, kennwood, they all suck ROCKFORD FOSGATE. Get a couple of those and line the car with Dynamat. Maybe Alipine and Solo Barics are ok.


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                            Diverging off topic, what the hell is up with car audio? I know Im a clean look (stock) freak, which is probably in the vast minority at this point to the ricemobiles, but !@$, red and silver speakers? and chrome bling bling head units? Yes, I do have a computer in my car, but even in that, Im trying to make it look clean. Are the better brands (named above) more sane in their colour schemings?

                            Since when is insanity a bad thing?


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                              First of all, your stereo is what plays the songs, remember what MP3 is for? sound quality is essential. The only problem is, when you have a system like mine, you can't really get away with playing too many mp3s since the sound quality of the compressed recording sucks. I can put a CD into my stereo blindfolded and tell you if it was burned or mass produced.

                              Second, Dexter172, have you ever heard a good stereo? 'cause rockford fosgate is what the lowest end shops sell, and they only still sell them because 25 years ago when rockford was good, they built a little name for themselves. Rockford hasn't sold a high quality speaker in 10 years.

                              As for dynamat, that should be essential to anyone who puts a stereo better than stock in their car. The improvement in sound quality is incredible. My personal favorite is "brown bread" by b-quiet. It works better than D-mat xtreme, and its about 1/6th the price.

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