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  • Filling Holes?

    While probably not quite a "hardware" question, I figured that as its a result of hardware, this is probably the best place. In the continual refining and tweaking that we all do to our systems, I came up with a much cleaner way to integrate the power controls for my computer/inverter into my car. The problem being that I drilled a .5" hole into the plastic below my current remote. Does anyone know of a "plug" for the hole? something that would sit on top of the hole, hiding it to some degree? and where I might find it? The mental picture in my head would be something along the lines of the caps you put over the screws in woodwork.

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    Get a piece of clear lexan, cut it to shape, then paint the back. The result is a "black mirror" effect. May or may not be what you are looking for...
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      It's called JB Weld and fine-grit sandpaper
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