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  • Help in New CarPC Build

    Hi, guys i have been reading a lot around this forum lately, so i decided to register and just wanted some advice to what a good system would look like.

    Here is what i want it to do

    GPS(I have iguidance and GlobalSat USB receiver)
    Play MP3s, DVD, Divx, and any other media format without any lags.
    for the front end i want to use RoadRunner.

    The car: 2005 Toyota Avalon Limited with JBL Synthesis 12 Speaker audio (360 Watt)

    Now, can you guys please tell me what case, motherboard, powersupply and processor i should get so i can do all this without it taking a toll on my wallet and on performance.

    I would like a small enough case, that can easily get mounted anywhere i want it to without drilling holes in the case. The case should allow me to insert a regular PCI graphics card so i can easily view anything without lag. The case should allow me to put in a notebook hard drive and a dvd drive. I looked into the VoomPC 2 and Morex 3677. Please suggest any other u guys like.

    A smart power supply (maybe M1 or M2 ATX?) powerful enough to power a hard drive, dvd drive and a graphics card. It should also be able to survive cold cranks and all that crap.

    Just need all the regular stuff enough USB ports and enough juice to run everything without lag. I have been looking into the via boards the M12000 specifically as it has everything i need, but i don't know how it is performance wise. Also the on board 5.1 channel sound cards only have one Line-Out and no center rear and front inputs, so how do they work? And will the card have enough power to output good, quality sound?. Please advise on this too.

    One more thing i want to plug the PC into the existing factory JBL audio system with in dash 6 Disc CD-Changer, i have looked around for adapters that will allow me to have an auxilury input into the audio system so i can use the steering wheel controls(not sure if this is entirely true here is the link I would like my PC to take full advantage of my audio system.

    And off course i will be using a touch screen LCD but that is not an issue, the Lilliput 7" seems to be the popular choice.

    I am all open, any suggestions are welcome.
    Thank You

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      Originally posted by HarryBash View Post
      Now, can you guys please tell me what case, motherboard, powersupply and processor i should get so i can do all this without it taking a toll on my wallet and on performance.
      My suggestion is to look around and see what hardware others are using.
      There is no "one size fits all" hardware setup.

      Frankly, if you're not capable of determining hardware specs that can fit within a power envelope and is capabile of running the apps you want and performing the functions you want, then this isn't a hobby for you.

      Waiting merely one day for someone to graciously tell you what you need to purchase makes you look impatient and very self-centered. Remember that yesterday was SuperBowl Sunday, and a lot of people were nowhere around these forums.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        why not spend some time on the store on this very website to help you determine what parts and pieces you need?
        Jan Bennett
        FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

        Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!