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Questions about CAr Mp3 and an Fm and lcd options

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  • Questions about CAr Mp3 and an Fm and lcd options

    Ok, im 16, im gettin my car in a coupple of months and i been thinking about making my own mp3 car pc for a coupple oy years now i think i got in to this in 98, things have changes, now i whant to make a full sistem for my car, i think my uncle might give me his old pc 233MMX?, im not sure about the specifications, dash mounted cd a creative 52x, all as stealth as posible cause here in mexico its realy a problem to have a pimped up ride, a 4x20 lcd or should i get a psone lcd ( the only kind i can get in mexico) 4*20 lcd=┐260? pesos psone lcd=┐1200?, i want to fully remove the stock hunit, maibe it doesnt come with one, an i whant to ve able to lisen to FM, CD , MP3, also to be able to REC from FM or rip CDs easily, easily , the fm to be fuly integraded, i might go and do the sproggy dual servo circuit if i go for the full lcd to have it pop out and up, i dont wana be distracted while driving, simple controls for simple things, next , stop pause, ffw, rw, previous, also a search feature prefereably text (not number) but with out a full kbrd and what should i use for getting the audio to my amp, i might compete in some car audio turnaments so i dont whanna loose quality compared to a stock cd headunit.
    ok my questions are
    1┐What lcd should i use?
    2┐software pref win 95-98?
    3.┐Way of geting sound to my amp without loosing quality or bass?
    4.┐Fm integrating an recording?
    5.┐how to mount the cd in front?
    6. ┐ has any one done a kind of headunit using their pc, lcd, controls integrated with removeable faceplate?

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    Sounds like you've put a lot of thought into this, but I can't really figure out what your question is!

    I know things are a bit tough in mexico.. You may want to consider making your lcd detachable. Theres a few diferent ways you can go about this.. It all depends on what hardware you settle with.

    My original design was going to be for a single din player with a detachable face... I may be making a double din player now though which would be a bit large to make a detachable face for.
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