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    ok im thinking of using the xitel, to get the audio out of my pc an into my car amps using their home hi-fi version but i got some questions:

    1) opinions
    2) any one used this before
    3) other opions
    4) does it provide line level ouput
    5) is it realy digital to analog
    6) from where do i control the volume ( i belive digital audio volume cant be controled, so its not controled from pc?
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    I just got mine in yesterday

    I ordered it because I was tired of having that annoying post beep when i boot up.. I still get a good speaker pop.. but it's much less harsh and annoying.

    It sounds very nice and clear and the volume level is adjustable just like any other sound card through the sound mixer.

    It attaches to your USB port so.. It takes a digital signal and converts it to analog sound output. I think it's a good option to minimize interference if you are running an amp in your trunk. You can run a USB cable back there with a short audio cable and severely reduce any noise you might pick up if you ran audio cable from the front of your car to the back.

    of course many people just put their computer in the back.. but I don't
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      I have the MB-AN1 (for mini-discs) in the dash and the puter in the trunk. Sounds great except there is some a little noise during boot.

      with mine the volume is controled from the PC. with winamp @ 75% it matches the signal loudness of a CD about right..

      driver support was really good in win98se too. plugged it in clicked next twice and it was done.

      I'm not sure about the features of the Hi-Fi one but i'd strongly recommend the mini-disc version, provided it does all you need.
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