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Mini ITX With 370 Socket

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  • Mini ITX With 370 Socket

    Me and Paladin went down to the local dealer and saw the board which he talked about, a Mini ITX with 370 socket so you can stick Celeron or P3s I guess..

    It also comes with a floopy and SVideo connector.

    Sorry about the picture, it was the only one I could get at the time.

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    It's mini itx and doesn't have a c3 soldered onto it. That's good.


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      wow . To be honest, I didnt believe you . It looks like an ITX board alright!. Any Idea on a) how much it costs, and b) if it has audio with spidif support?


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        Heh, not that I don't believe you, as you're probably correct, but the physical layout of the board doesnt resemble any of the mini-itx boards ive seen (usb/nic riser, what looks to be an amr riser above the pci, no verticle battery, heatsinks on the northbridge, etc), are you sure the dealer wasnt just on crack and its really just a custom formfactor board for a bookpc sized system with a c3 processor?

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          Hahahaha.....marauderz....dont tell me.....thats the pic u took with your casio watch???!! lol

          Guys...the board has everything the epia has with floppy support and one extra serial port. The casing is Via approved and will be marketed by VPSD. There will be 3-4 different designs. So far the 2 that we have seen so far runs on notebook hardisks. We were told that the other 2 casings due to arrive will have slim notebook cd rom drive.

          The dealer said that the cd rom drive and the 12v input power supply will be available as spare parts.

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