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Dell Latitude D600 with Docking Station...first laptop install

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  • Dell Latitude D600 with Docking Station...first laptop install

    Hey guys...ive built 2 carputers so far....the first one was a newb mistake....used all desktop parts..put them in a huge *** case and used a power invertor and shutdown controller HAH....the next one was a micro computer with dc-dc power supply and worked great..just seemed a little thats sold and I'm starting to miss having a carputer ...i have a dell latitude d600 layin around and im going to stick it in my car. Just have a few powering questions because the tons of searching has not really given me any real answers..just generalizations. Im going to use a carnetix 1900 and a dell port replicator/docking station. I heard the docking stations are easily hacked inorder to use a remote turn on. Now my question is..i really dont understand how to hook up this carnetix to my laptop. Do i need to open up my laptop and solder a + and - to my exisiting powersupply in the laptop?....then do i need to open up my power switch on the docking stattion and connect a remote acc line to my ignition..i'm just confused on which wires are going where. Once i get the remote turn on... i just use power management when my power supply cuts..i stay on battery power for a certain time then go into hibernation..the only thing with that is...isnt my computer technically still on...or will my stock battery on the laptop be able to keep it alive fine. Please let me know if you guys can help out..kinda stuck on this laptop idea