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  • Plexi cases with external cards...

    If you have made a plexi case, and chose to use a mobo without everything inbuilt, and had to use external cards, could you please post pictures, or a link, or some hints maybe about how you went about it... I am looking to make one, and would like to see what others have done.... My case will hopefully have 2 full height ISA, 1 full height PCI, and 2 half height PCI slots.... One ISA will have an FM tuner card, the other will have the sound card. The full height PCI has the graphics card, adn teh half height has a network card, and one PCI slot is empty.. The case will also hopefully have a CDrom drive, full size HD, and a DC-DC powersupply.... and all this in a fairly compact, about 9.5*8.5*4.5inches
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    Attach a strip of angle iron (or even plexi) to the rear wall where the cards sit and screw the cards to it like a standard PC case.
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      I plan to add external card to my case. I will put a network adaptor in the slot i want to cut. Mark where it sit against the case and use a table saw to cut it out cm by cm.


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        Here is the picture of the front of my case.