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Just drew my wiring plan for my carputer (comments and criticism please)!

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  • Just drew my wiring plan for my carputer (comments and criticism please)!

    Hey guys, I've spent most of the past 2-3 days reading the various FAQs and wiring diagrams on this site and I finally drew mine up and I want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

    I also had a few questions.


    I assume that the USB from the lilliput screen is for the touch capabilities?

    Is a wiring harness necessary? Most of the wiring is going to be in the trunk.

    What is softpower? I've built my own computers before and never heard of this. If anyone could let me know I'd appreciate it.

    Now I already have an amp running from my trunk to my battery, as such I already have battery and remote cables prewired. Would it be possible to tap into the preexisting cabling? Or would that be too much draw?

    Right now my plans are to throw my ATX case into where my wheel well is currently, since shouldn't be an issue and I will have the trunk padded for protection and have it well aerated for cooling.

    From what I've read my current specs for my computer (1.2 GHZ thunderbird, 512mb of PC2700 DDR ram, 100GB WD hard drive and an SB Audigy 2 X-Gamer) is more than sufficient.


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    USB is for touchscreen capabilities.

    A wiring harness is not necessary, just make sure your wires aren't dangling to avoid potential damage and then shorts-circuits.

    Not sure what softpower is... Is this referencing the auto-on feature of your touchscreen? (display turns on when signal is received on VGA).

    When it comes to determining if you already have enough power in your trunk right now, measure how many amps you are currently drawing. Then, browse the forums here and estimate a range of what your CarPC will draw. Next, determine what gage of wire is sufficient to handle that draw and your current draw, and hopefully the size of your wire is less than that. A sort of hack approach is to hook it all up and then see if any wires start to heat up or melt (which would mean immediate shutdown and get some higher gage wires (bigger wires).

    Cooling in the trunk is a weird one. Some people say it is fine as is, I personally believe temperatures in a car can get quite hot during the summer. I currently have no solution in place here, but I'm using a laptop for my carputer and it generates less heat. It would be something you should monitor. A cooler cpu and hard drive will last you a much longer time.
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      One thing I didn't see on your wiring diagram is power going to the Lilliput screen... the Opus can handle that fine but you may run into logistics issues if the Opus is in the trunk. Perhaps power to the screen is implied on your drawing, as there are no power wires to the amp on the drawing either, but obviously that's not something that you overlooked.
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        Theres also no ground wires


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          My guess is softpower would be a non-physical power switch. Software controlled, or momentary push-button that activates the power for a computer? (Basically like all ATX and other current computers/motherboards are.) AT computers/power supplies had a real "toggle" power switch.

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