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Amp needed for direct connection from computer->speakers

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  • Amp needed for direct connection from computer->speakers

    I saw it mentioned in another thread that you don't get great sound without hooking your computer to an amp before going to the speakers, and was wondering what people's experience with that was. I am going to be building a Wafer 7850-based SBC player, and will not have a headunit. Do I need to pick up an amp?


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      Speakers need power to make sound. PC sound cards send signal not power. So you will need to run the signal through a amp to get sound out of the speakers.
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        I did the same thing. I removed the radio completely, took the line out from the computer into the Left and Right RCA jacks of a $30 (200 Watt) amp and ran the 4 speaker wires to my existing wiring harness....

        It is pretty easy.

        Also any decent car stereo shop will sell wiring harness connectors so you don't have to cut up the stock harness in the car.