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cpu cooler touching case

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  • cpu cooler touching case

    I'm planning to get a bigger cooler for my cpu (AMD geode) I want to make it as big as possible but have little room (3.5cm above) So I'm planning on buying a bigger one and customizing it for the room I have. Would it be dangerous for the CPU if the cooler would touch the metal casing??? Like short circuit or something?

    the case looks like this

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    You need a cooling fan on a Geode?
    I thought they were supposed to be uber low-power/low-heat, similar to the C-3 on the M10000....

    Overall, a heatsink touching a case would likely vibrate. That would be annoting, at the very least. It could also work the heatsink loose, at the very worst.
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      Yep, if that Geode is a NX, he needs a heat sink ( GeodeNX = Athlon thunderbird at same freq, with 1/5 of power of a thunderbird)
      Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p


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        electrically, you *should* be OK, as the motherboard is grounded to the case, but I always try to avoid things like that if I can

        Just leave a small gap (like 1-2mm). You won't lose any performance, and you'll have piece of mind


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          stick a piece of electrician's tape on the case where the heatsink will touch it. I second the vibrate/rattling comment, though.
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