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Fuse Aux Battery?

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  • Fuse Aux Battery?

    This has probably already been asked before but I couldn't find it. I also already read up on the tank circuits.

    I'll be adding an auxiliary deep cycle battery to power my carputer, amps, etc. It will be connected through a 100 Amp continuous duty solenoid with a manual switch to engage the connection when the car is running.

    Should I fuse/breaker the 0 gauge cable I will be using to connect the two? How big of a fuse should I use? I realize that the alternator can only put out a certain level of current but more current could be temporarily supplied by the main battery. If the voltage difference between the two batteries is substantially different then the current between them could be VERY high for a short period of time. This would blow almost any fuse or breaker I can think of. Should I be concerned about this for the solenoid as well?

    Is there something I could use to limit the current to 100 Amps or so?


    Thanks all!
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