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Remote power switch for Winbook Si2

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  • Remote power switch for Winbook Si2

    Final step! I want to solder a remote switch to the montherboard of my Winbook Si2, and would like your opinion of where to do it. The motherboard is part number A450W and I attached a photo of the switch and surrounding circuitry. Can you guys give me your best opinion of what/where to connect? I tried the back pins of the switch, but it seems they are only for securing the switch to the board. (just noticed little insects) Thanks!!

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    There are no external prongs on the front of the switch.

    I'll pull the board out and photograph it if that will help anyone help me.


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      Most switches have 4 or 6 solder points. Usually between 2 and 4 are for "mounting" and don't have anything to do with the electrical connections, they are purely mechanical.

      Between 2 and 4 are used for the electrical connections. They get "shorted" or connected when you push the button.

      What you need is a continuity tester, put one probe to a pin, and then the other to a different pin, and press the button. Keep moving the probes till you find at least 2 pins that have continuity when you press the button.

      Looking at the contacts will tell us nothing, this is something you have to try with a continuity tester, by trial and error.

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