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Minimum Harddrive clearance?

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  • Minimum Harddrive clearance?

    what's the minimum clearance needed when mounting a HD? Do I need to put it on standoffs or can I screw it directly to a piece of plexiglass? Should there be air circulating around it?

    Just make a custom enclosure and trying to figure out how much room I'll need to mount it.

    If it counts for anything, it's a 3.5" Maxtor HD.

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    As a start, you're going to get millions of different opinions from the posts I've seen. People have gone as far as to put their hard drives on shocks. I cut the hard drive rack out of an old tower and have it mounted inside my enslosure. I see no reason why you can't mount it to plexiglass. Standoffs are a good idea as well as air circulation but unless you have it mounted somewhere that's going to get hot (i.e. behind and under a black dashboard) a regular pc harddrive should hold up just fine.


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      yeah, maybe I'll hack an old mount since it's got all the hole already. I'll be putting it in the dash but it will be low down by the transmission tunnel. I'll hard mount it, I'm not going the shocks root. So mounting right to a piece of plexi ain't bad but air never hurt. Got it. Thanks.