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Distirbution Block inside PC

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  • Distirbution Block inside PC

    Excuse the electrically inclind retarded question but whats the best way to do the following.

    My Opus just piggy backs of the ATX connector for other devices (hard drive etc).

    I want to run the 12V, 5V, Ground, from that ATX connector into a little distribution block of sorts. Then from that block to the pherials.

    Nice and neat cabling. I can make the cables the right length.

    Im a bit of a cable neat freak but i dont know what i should use for this? Im assuming a terminal block?

    Cheers guys.

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    So you don't want to run a computer off the OPUS power supply?

    Or you mean take one of the molex ends (that 4 pin plug that goes into a harddrive or CDrom) and use the 12v, 5v, and ground off that?

    You can do anything you want I guess...but a short across your bare terminals will turn your power supply into smoke.

    Yes you are describing a terminal block...but there are other ways to get neat cableing (if you are into that kind of thing) without comprimizing the safety of the installation.
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      Sorry maybe i wasnt clear.. I dont see how what im wanting to do will compromise anything but thats why im asking..

      Basically. Rather than run multiple molex connectors off the ATX connector which is the default cable. I want to run one into a distribution block (leaving the atx to psu inplace).. This way to power any pherials like hard drives etc i run the molex into the distro block..

      Am i making sense?


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        its the same thing, but would be worse cabling. Molex's are nice and can be chained. the distroblock would require a maze run back to the block.
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          2k1Toaster is right, your idea would require more cable and wouldn't be of any power benefit

          Just quickly though 2k1Toaster, Is there a story behind your name? it's a bit out there
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