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Bluetooth RearView mirror

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  • Bluetooth RearView mirror

    Kyocera Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Kit

    Thought I would be the first to post on the Bluetooth forum yeah!!!
    Anyone have this product and if so have you tried to connect it to your PC via Bluetooth adapter? Would Phone Control be compatible with it?
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    Very interesting. I hope someone posts a review.


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      That's pretty neat. I wonder how it is for compatibility. It seems everything i try to use with my Samsung SPH-m500 is pretty obscure. Ah well, wait and see till someone posts something about it


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        I'd love to see a real picture of the CallerID and not just the 'promotional graphics' on the page..

        Nice idea though, gives a kind of 'OEM' look system over many of the other plug 'n play setups.


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          Has anyone tried this out yet?


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            Looks interesting only prob is my car got a sensor on the mirror so cant fit it
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              if it used the serial profile i'd buy it as my carputer mic.. i'll pass on whatever else it does.
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