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  • Bluetooth problems their solutions

    Hi, i have heard from many many people that bluetooth is a major problem at times, often the only solution is to take the o/s back to a date previously when it worked. after having my own problems recently, couldnt find any help, and spending a night to get it working, i have decided to start a section, thread where everyone can share their solutions, ask for help, and keep it all together rather than all over the forum where its hard to find useful info. also if people have a problem, resolve it themself could you please post some information regarding it so someone with a similar problem has something to work from.

    Bluetooth not working at boot:
    I faced an issue where when starting the computer from being turned off the bluetooth dongle would show in device manager as normal, but the widcom drivers would show a red tasktray icon, and in the configuration show the bluetooth adapter as disabled. pressing disable then enable, or unplugging and pluging the reciever back in fixed the problem.

    the only solution i could work out was to use devcon. using autohotkey i made a script and placed it in the startup folder. also with the bluetooth not working from initial windows boot xport opened up the config window asking to select the right com port. the script contained the following:
    runwait devcon disable *pid_200a* (disables bluetooth adapter)
    runwait devcon enable *pid_200a* (enables bluetooth adapter)
    sleep, 10000 (pause for 10 seconds to give time for bluetooth software to load and enable the adapter before starting xport)
    run c:\xport3\xport.exe

    the delay could be less but i just left it at 10 seconds to be safe.

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    Have you tried just selecting the bluetooth device in the bottom list in xport instead of running that script?


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      nah i am using an older version of xport, it came with the digitalfx 2 skin. i didnt realise there was a newer version, but after clicking the link in your sig, i will download the new version and give that a go. the one i have only has incoming port and the outgoing ports, no other options.


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        i had too many problems with the bt too. If i install the driver after the gps mouse driver, the bt port takes the port and damages the gps mouse .
        I have sent two bu-353 back to mp3car . Then i have changed the bt.
        The first one was bluesoleil and then i used toshiba which is even worse.
        The pc didn't shut down not even once untill i unplugged the bt.So bt is a major problem.Now i don't use bt and i use a usb cable to connect to internet through gprs.


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          i added extra bluetooth serial ports and have never had issues with having gps and phone connected at once


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            Even your script doesn't work for me


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              Have you tried disabling the serial mouse service? I think it only checks all serial ports when you boot, but not when you resume from hibernation. At least you could eliminate that possibility.


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                Originally posted by keygen View Post
                Now i don't use bt and i use a usb cable to connect to internet through gprs.
                Thinking about doing the same. I just don't trust the connection. I pad $90 for this Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse and dongle combo, and I have to unplug and re-plug the damn thing back in after every re-boot. It sucks. I say go wired for that extra connection reliability.


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                  I am trying to get RR & DigitalFX skin to work with my Razr V3 phone. I had this working on another system using a USB cable for the Data connection(IE; phone book, dialing etc), and the BT was used for the headset use. (Mic & sound to car speakers). Then I tried setting up my final car PC sys with a different Motherboard / hardware. Biggest diffs are old sys was XP MCE , and onboard sound. This new sys is XP PRO only and onboard sound disabled with an external PCI Soundblaster Audigy SE 5.1 board. Now... when I pair the BT V3 to the PC (which works fine), I hear the sound in the speakers for about 10 seconds or so, then nothing. Phone is connected it appears... NO sound in phone either. I have tried re-installing / updating driver son the SB PCI card. Winamp, and all other sounds work fine.

                  Any ideas?


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                    Belkin F8t012-xx1 BT dongle. -- Connects and sounds transferred to pc for 3-5 seconds then cuts off. BT still shows connection.

                    What are Widcom drivers? Maybe I need those?