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RAZR Bluetooth issue

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  • RAZR Bluetooth issue

    Alright here's the problem...

    I've got a V3t RAZR from T Mobile that I've got blue toothed up to the CarPC.

    I can have a phone conversation, time.

    If I disconnect the blue tooth from any point...meaning I just disconnect it using the on screen menu of the blue tooth software, turn the computer off, disconnect the bluetooh connection at the phone, walk away from teh car so it looses the signal...etc....then I have to turn the phone off and turn it back on in order to get it to work again.

    If I got power cycle the phone it'll still connect. Meaning the phone and the computer will both say there is a connection, but the audio and microphone won't work. And the audio won't work at the phone either (meaning the phone's speaker won't play sound) until I disconnect the blue tooth connection.

    I'm convinced that this is a problem with the phone and not the computer.

    Any thoughts?

    Also, if anyone's got a good suggestion on a microphone to use that will pick up my voice from 2 feet away (like placed behind the steering wheel) I'm all ears. I've gone through 2 now and can't get one to work without having it right next to my mouth. And yes I do have the Mic Boost thing checked in teh sound properties menu.
    Here it is! My carputer install! 1997 BMW M3

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    I have the same problem with my V3. It won't let go the BT connection. I'll be switching to a phone that can handle 2 BT connections at once (PocketPC or Smartphone) The V3 can only handle 1 connection at a time. As far as the mic, I have an El Cheapo microphone, which I took completely appart to fit my needs and the thing can even pick up my rear-seat passengers' voices.