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Cirago BTA-3210 Dongle?

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  • Cirago BTA-3210 Dongle?

    Anyone have any experience with this thing? It's tiny!

    Wondering if it's worth a darn from people experiences. The reviews I've read have been positive for the most part. Would like to get some feedback from anyone on here who has used it if possible.
    Jan Bennett
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    I own that exact dongle and love it. Got it from Newegg about 6-8 months ago and have been running it ever since. I use BlueSoliel bt stack and the two work very well together. Range is good too. I've had the carputer in the garage while the car is in the driveway and it would pick up the BT gps in the car from about 25-30ft away. No speed issues either, seems to keep up with the 5hz data rate from my gps receiver. Hopefully when tetherberry finishes their bluetooth upgrade I'll be able to use my blackberry for internet access over BT. I've also noticed it picks up signals from other bt devices in parking lots.

    I've been thoroughly impressed by this dongle because for such a small size it has great performance and range...especially considering that it's located in the trunk of my car.


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      nvrmd. this is old thread.


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        HA! and now I'm reminded of why NOT to post while tired....


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          dont worry, i had fancy post with links and **** all made up until i realized this guy who asked the question is probably dead now.