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  • ELM 327 Bluetooth

    Ok, searched forever and couldnt find anything related to my problem so here goes...

    Bought a OBDII ELM327 Bluetooth adapter from Ebay and it works flawlessly with my Android phone utilizing Torque. My phone discovers it and pairs with it... no issues. Able to retrieve and monitor real time data from my car.

    My problem is, the ELM327 does not show up on my desktop when scanning for devices. Ive tried Bluesoleil and the Windows built in Bluetooth stack and neither work. My adapter is a Zoom 2.1+EDR dongle. When I make my phone discoverable, the phone will show up on Bluesoleil so I know I installed the hardware correctly.

    Windows Firewall is turned off, but thats the exent of what Ive tried so far.

    Does anyone have a solution?

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    That worries we because I just came to the forum wondering if it would work for my 2009 Mazda 6. My phone connects to the Car as well. My biggest question is what Bluetooth adapter does your PC use?

    I wonder if I should get a new Bluetooth adapter?


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      I just got one of these, and have been able to connect with a laptop (XP) and a PDA (win mobile 2003).

      For the laptop, it had to set the laptop up to see the Bluetooth dongle as a serial port, then configure the software to communicate over that port.

      After that, there have been no issues.

      There should be an option in the Bluetooth set up to select a com port (COM1-COM8, in my case), then an option in the OBD software to select the COM port for it to communicate on.

      It should then see the data.

      It was pretty much the same for the PDA.

      I've tried the laptop on my Tacoma, and the PDA on both the Tacoma and Mustang.